November – January News 2015


Even though it is now February, welcome one and all to 2015. Once again it has been a long haul between newsletters, but in my defence we had a busy run up to Christmas and then I was missing for a large part of January.

I am hoping that you all had a good Christmas and New Year and have started 2015 in good form.
All the branches appear to be busy – not quite like December, but not far behind it. Launceston are coping with a few extra challenges at the moment, but more about that later……..



The run up to Christmas was a busy time for us in Sydney. Tassie was running full tilt and November and December saw us handle more containers of air conditioning than we have in ages.

There were lots of unpacks to be done and deliveries all over NSW to be dealt with.

We found ourselves sending loads as far south as Bega and as far north as Kempsey. The product is going all over the state and next on the list are Dubbo and Wagga.

Another big project has been the refurbishment of Miranda Westfield and also the building of the Barangaroo Towers at Darling Harbour.

Jim returned to work in time for Christmas, but unfortunately has had a bit of a relapse. He is suffering from pneumonia at the moment and is off work again for some time. We hope that he is soon on the road to recovery.

This sees Eric back in the chair with Richard helping on the days that Eric isn’t available. Arun has returned from his long break and is back doing the wages, and most of the drivers managed a few days off over the Christmas

We are now ‘stuck’ with Dale as he has been made official and has been granted a working visa for the next few years. Congrats mate hope you enjoy ‘Oztraylya’.

Air conditioning units being delivered to the Overseas Passenger Terminal……’s a tough life.


News in from Hobart Emma style…..
I don’t remember much from the Christmas break… I don’t think anyone does. It’s caused by a mixture of alcohol and lack of memory. I do remember that Sherian, Lindsay, Christen and I had a great time at the Launceston Christmas dinner which they so kindly let us gate crash. Everyone’s coming down south for the next Christmas dinner – I don’t know if  Goose remembers but he invited everyone to stay at my mums place.
Today Lindsay’s little man Frank starts his first year of school – Good luck to Frank! Not that he needs it.
The guys from Hobart depot have had yet another outwards growth spurt. They’ve complained that the vests have shrunk a size since Christmas. Not so sure that shrinkage is the problem.
Unfortunately we have had two deaths over the Christmas break. One of our past employees David Best passed away, and one of our valued customers Marcus Devine from The Fibreglass Shop – They will be sorely
missed. Marcus has been trading with company for over 25 years. We send our thoughts and prayers to his family and business associates.
That’s just about it for Hobart. Everything’s running smoothly – Sherian and I keep the boys in line


We will have to start getting Georgia on the news wagon……..this is the Waddy report
The shed in Launceston is almost finished just waiting on some roller doors and internal fittings.
There is now a B double in Launceston Tattnell smiles a lot these days ……..he’s inherited Ken’s Aerodyne.
Tony is back after 4 weeks holidays and probably wishes he was still on holidays
Mark farmer has finally got his V8 Crewman ute he seems to smile a lot as well.
Mark Atkin has bought a new used Commodore as well finally retired the 100 year old laser.
Pud has lost his Freightliner but I think quite likes his new Kenworth, he also smiles a lot lately.
Tony played golf while on holidays and actually hit a hole in one he tells us every hour or so.

Almost completed shed in Launceston


The girls are the newshounds this month – as usual No new from Ken. I actually banned him from going on holidays until he produced something, but I failed. So Jenny and Erin, over to you…
There has been great sadness in the Melbourne depot YNZ689 (Ken’s beloved Aerodyne) had to be transferred to the Launceston depot in January.
On a good note it has been replaced by a Freightliner. Although, it is just not the same for Ken, who is starting holidays on Monday and the party will begin. (Joking of course).
Bare foot bowling was the name of the game again at Christmas and by all accounts a good time was had by all. There were prizes to be had and they were;
Joe won a beer glass, Wayne won a beer glass and Gary won a bar runner.
The depot was full steam ahead right up to Christmas and into the New Year. Jenny managed a few days off as did a couple of the drivers. Hopefully everyone is rested and ready for the coming months.
Joe, Jenny and Dave


This month we are in Hobart to meet another female employee………yeah.
Sherian Fehlberg drives one of our heavy rigid trucks in the Hobart depot, she is also Emma’s partner in crime and between them I think they probably keep the blokes in line!
Born: 23.07.1962 Calvary Hospital and it was dark!! Mum was drugged up on happy gas
Status: In a relationship
Kids: 3 beautiful girls – Jess 25, Nellie 23, Claire 17 and first grandbaby due at the end of June
Commenced: November 2013
Hobbies: Horse /cutting (if you don’t know what it is, google it)
Favourite food: Good steak and seafood
Music: Taste in music varies… Adele, Alan Jackson, Alicia Keys, Brenda Lee, Diana Ross, Simply Red (old fella)
Favourite movie: None
The reasons I come to work: To keep sane because it keeps me off the streets, and because Emma’s amazing. Without her I’d be lost


Daryl Teisina, Tony Black, Bob Narracott, Anne Hampson, Jim Giotakis, Ron Smith, Daniel McDonald, and Joe Malia
Hope you all had awesome birthday’s