May News 2014



Welcome to May and what is supposed to be the last month of autumn. I’m not sure what it is like in the other states, but here in Sydney we are still averaging 25 degrees each day and no cold weather in sight. Whilst it is lovely I am hankering to put on a jumper and a woolly scarf!

The footy tipping comp is heating up with the leaders being hunted down by a couple of persistent players who are nibbling away at the lead each week.

The NRL leader is in front by one point and the AFL leader is out in front by two. Things are getting serious and I think that there have been a couple of knee capping threats. – LOL. As to the Last Man/Woman standing – we have three contestants left in the AFL. Waddy, Mark Atkin and Fleur Black………


May started well and we had a busy first two weeks. Things have been a little quieter since, not helped I am sure by the recent budget.

We have still had plenty of reefers to deliver along with a number of loads of air conditioners. We are expecting a big push with reefers in the coming week due to the delays caused by the tragic incident at Toll’s Melbourne facility this week.

Anne has managed a couple of RDO’s this month – good luck to her, she earns them. Only problem is that you then have to put up with me doing her job and I’m not nearly as efficient!

Arun is back from leave which means that I am off payroll duty. Thank goodness.

The boss is still on the clean-up campaign – I reckon he could clean up Australia given half a chance. Lots more rubbish has disappeared in the past few weeks.

Jose has managed a few holidays and Pete is in having a shoulder reconstruction, so we have been down a couple of semi drivers.

So that about sums up what is happening in Sydney, so now it’s off to…………


This month sees Lindsay on holidays and I am not sure that Emma realises that when Lindsay isn’t there she has to be Lois Lane.

So I am not too sure what the guys and girls in Hobart have been up to this month.

Let’s see……..Emma tells me that Waddy visited last week and that the hot topics of conversation were fishing, cars and more fishing…..snore! And that was exactly how she put it.

Emma also tells me that everyone has been working well together with Lindsay away on leave. Things had been a little quiet but they have now been inundated with work.

I can tell you that the boss has given Emma a new task. She is chasing down the vehicle check sheets each week and doing a good job by all accounts. Well done.

I am also told that Bobby has been looking after things while Lindsay has been away. Thanks for your help Bobby.


Waddy has passed on the news for Launceston, which goes a little like this

Trent Barrett is back – these boys just can’t stay away

Tony is still crying about Sydney beating Hawthorn

Another Reject Shop is done and dusted, Port Sorrell is now open

Mark Atkin is on four weeks holidays

Then there is this little gem………Can we just add a line that you should never, never, never tread on the bottom pallet board of a pallet when it’s in the air. They tend to come off when you put all your weight on them and you fall on your arse don’t you Tony.

I get the distinct impression that Waddy is having a dig.


If I told you that as usual I have no news from Ken you wouldn’t be very surprised would you? Of course you wouldn’t. I swear to God that man goes out of his way to avoid me.

Whilst the flu seems to have run its course, things are still hectic south of the border.

Dave has been on holidays for a month, John took a week off, Daryl had an eye infection and I don’t think Ken knew if he was coming or going.

To top things off, as I am sure you are all aware, there was a tragic accident on the Toll Shipping wharf last week and this just added to what was already a hectic week.

On that note our sympathies go to the family and friends of the man who was killed. It brings home to all that no matter how long you have been in a job, there are always hazards and you must always be on your guard. No one goes to work with the intention of not returning home at the end of the day. Work Safe people!

I will be in Melbourne next week, so I look forward to being able to give the news first hand next month.

Look out Ken……………


This month sees us back in Launceston. Michael has been with us for a number of years and works in the office with Tony making sense of all the reams of paper that pass through on a daily basis.

Born: 14th June 1978

Status: Married to Susan

Kids: 2 girls

Commenced: November 2010

Hobbies: All sports, comes from a family of horse trainers

Favourite food: Lasagne with a whiskey chaser

Favourite Music: U2

Favourite Movie: Happy Gilmore

I come to work because: good bunch of people to work with and it pays the mortgage!


This month my message is about team work. On seeing the above photo I decided that it illustrates perfectly how we should view our role in the workplace.

Working together as a team always makes the job easier and lightens the load for all concerned. Always consider whether you can help a colleague or are you making their job more difficult.

Cooperation is the key to simplifying our daily tasks.


Waddy, Linsday Sweeney and Eric Daglish

Happy birthday guys!

Also in advance Happy 21st to Tom Sherriff for 7th June. We’ll get the boys to sing for you!