March News 2014


Welcome to March and the kick-off of footy season. Can’t wait. The NRL starts this week, followed by the AFL on the 14th. Out intrepid Tony is running an inter branch tipping comp. $50 for the season and you MUST TIP BOTH CODES. It will be a lot of fun and with the numbers we have at present we will be looking at a 1st prize of around $300 per code. The more that play, the bigger the prize. Get on board – let Tony or myself know and we will include you. Tips in to Tony before round one commences Thursday 6th March.

We are also going to play a game called last man standing (Anne says it has to be last man/woman). This will be included in your $50 for the season.

It has been a busy month for me and I would like to get this to all the branches sooner rather than later. Can I encourage you all to get on board with the tipping and let’s have a real competition! Go the Swans!!!!


February was a little on the quiet side. Steve was off on leave, the reefers hadn’t started for 2014 and the air conditioners were also on a go slow.

I think March will kick off a bit – the reefers are back and we have been lead to believe that the air conditioners are going to keep us on the hop this year. So far they are talking, Canberra, Port Macquarie, Newcastle and a whole bunch of local jobs. That should keep the semi drivers on their toes for a day or two.

So during March Jose and Arun will both be having some time off. Not sure who else is on the holiday roster. Will have to wait and see.

John is on a cleaning binge – he is having a big purge on the workshop in Sydney and I know for a fact the he was like a whirlwind through the Melbourne depot during February. Don’t stand still for too long or he might toss you in the skip bin!


Our news this month comes from Lindsay. He has a couple of new staff members on board in Hobart. Shaun is our new MR driver. He is looking after a couple of The Reject Shop’s and also doing the town run.

We also have a new girl in the office and her name is Emma. Emma will be looking after Anna’s work whilst she is on maternity leave. Emma has gotten off to a flying start by telling Bobby to leave the office so she can get on with her work, think she is going to fit right in. Welcome aboard both Emma and Shaun. Hope you both enjoy working with us!

The guys and girls have had a couple of quiet days and have spent the time washing trucks and cleaning the yard. Always good to get rid of the rubbish – also avoids John visiting with a skip bin – lol!

So Anna is now off on maternity leave. Must be something in the water down south as Clint’s partner is also due to have a baby and our new man Shaun’s partner is also expecting a baby. All these little tikes are due in April. I want to know what was happening in June and July last year.

The depot has had two visits from Waddy in the last month. The boys have decided that he loves Hobart. Apparently there is some joke about him fishing at Southport.

Hobart Cup day saw winds of up to 136kms per hour. People couldn’t even stand up. Probably a good thing that the depot was closed for the day.


I always love the way Waddy gives me the news – blunt and to the point! So take it away Waddy.

New Kenworth- Tatnell’s in love.

Tommy’s taken up surfing.

Mark Farmer has bought a plywood caravan to live in close to the yard because his BMW keeps breaking down (yard joke).

Goose finally has a girlfriend, he is happy and smiles a lot.

Mick Weldon is back from 4 weeks holidays and wants to know if he can get 4 more.

Greg Walters is buying a caravan must be a Launceston thing.

Dale wants to know where his new Mack Superliner is.?

Mark Atkin is having a well-deserved week off.

Tony and Michael have no news-too busy.

Don’t know whether you can use any of this but I tried and they are a tough bunch to get any info out of!!!


So, Melbourne has basically had a Ken free month, so the news comes courtesy of Waddy and me. Waddy spent two eventful weeks there and the boss and I spent one.

I am told that not only does Waddy love Hobart, but he loves Melbourne too. Not sure how much truth is in this rumour. So the news from Waddy is that Richmond beat Collingwood in the NAB Cup and Dave had to take two days off work to recover. Bloody Pies supporters – no gumption.

So this week sees both Ken and Daniel back from leave. Let’s hope they are both well rested as I think it will be all systems go after a quiet week last week.

John and I also spent a week there and as I stated earlier John went to town with the skip bins. He loves to throw things out.

Whilst Waddy was there they also had the large hole in the driveway repaired and some new lights fitted. They were good jobs done. Lots of little things repaired and tidied.

Next on the list is for Joe to go off and do his Level Two first aid certificate. I think he is looking forward to that


Seeing that you have now all met Waddy Tony, and the Boss via the employee profile, I think it is high time we met the other two, being Ken and Lindsay. So this month we will meet Ken, who as it turns out is celebrating ten years with the company at the end of this month, so fittingly, happy anniversary Ken and watch out Lindsay….you’re next.

Born:   Carlton, Victoria

Status: Married 36 years to Veronica

3 boys and 1 girl and six grandkids

Started: 24th March 2004

Hobbies: Gardening & fishing

Favourite food: any seafood

Favourite Music: CCR and Both kinds, country and western, that is!

Favourite movie: Old gangster flicks. (Reckon that’s because Ken’s an old gangster himself)

I come to work because: I enjoy everyone’s company.


February and March are becoming our housekeeping months. As this is traditionally a quieter time of year it is always good to get our ‘house in order’.

Working in constant mess and confusion is not only unsafe, it tends to lead to disorganisation throughout the entire operation.


Steve Takacs, Greg Walters, John Brand and Dave Nicholas

Happy birthday guys!

And as an end note, to everyone in the footy tipping comp, good luck and may the best man (or woman) win.