July News 2014


The month of July has flown by and August is almost upon us. Hard to believe isn’t it. Before we know it winter will be over and we will all be complaining about the heat. Well, maybe the Tasmanian’s won’t be!

We are getting to the pointy end of the football season and things are hotting up in the tipping competition.  We have duel leaders in both the AFL and the NRL. Tony Black and Mark Atkin are leading the AFL and Jim Giotakis and Mark Atkin are leading the NRL.

Think a few of you boys (and girls) need to work a bit harder to knock Mark off his perch!


The boys have had a busy month as we have still been a little short staffed. With Steve now officially retired and Jose on three months leave, semi drivers have been a little thin on the ground. Peter has now returned after some time off and we have had to promote one of our Ron’s (we have two Ron’s – sounds like a comedy duo) who was a tray truck driver to semi driving. His knick name is .09 and the other Ron is known as 1.1. Not sure how the numbering system works.

Anyway, semi driving Ron is getting used to the day to day workings of being a ‘super trucker’ and is doing his first ‘away trip’ tomorrow. Dale has survived the month with us and seems to have settled into Ron’s old truck.

We still have air conditioners aplenty which is keeping the shed full and the drivers busy. They start a new project the first week in August, so can’t see things slowing down just yet.

On another note, we pass on our good thoughts and wishes to Jim for the coming months. Jim is unwell and is undergoing treatment at present. He is doing his best to be at work when possible so that he can keep his mind off things and stay positive. We all hope that things go to plan. A thank you to Eric, who is helping out with the day to day when Jim isn’t available.


Our news comes via Emma this month.

The Hobart office is having a beauty makeover. The walls are being pained cream and the doors a lovely coffee colour. Lindsay painted one half and Emma and Lindsay painted the other half.

There has also been some furniture shuffling, so it will be interesting to see what it looks likes when it is finished. I have a shot of the work in progress, just so we can all ooh and aah over the end result.

Shaun is now back at work after being given the okay by his doctors.

Waddy has been in Hobart two days a week for the past two weeks – just to keep the guys on their toes. He’s still nagging Emma to buy a Corolla.

Also, Emma says how could she forget – she had a visit from me! A flying visit just two days – too cold to stay any longer.

While I was there I bought Emma a new printer, let’s hope she doesn’t break this one. She reckon’s she can open the paper tray without pulling a muscle.


So here’s the news – Waddy style

Toilets are almost completed and new girl (Georgia) starts 29th  

Tommy needs to get glasses and we all know why

Tatnell and Waddy are going to Queensland for a while to open a new depot (like hell) Flu has been raging through the Launceston depot – even put Tony in bed.

Jay has been put on full time after 12 months on the coast run.

Our thanks to Chris one of our casuals who has painted out all the new lunch room and toilets good job The boys all look good in their new clothes today (well at least they did for the first 3 hours



Erin is our intrepid reporter this month. At least I got some news…….better than Ken. New job for you each month now Erin. Ken has had two weeks leave, so he hasn’t been there to cause any mischief.

The second batch of concrete has been laid, so the countdown is now on. Three weeks and the whol yard will be usuable again.

The weather has been a little chilly, but with all the hard work that goes on down there, everyone should be warm by 8am – LOL.

The guys have a new container fork that will be used for moving empties around the yard. At the moment they are having fun getting used to manoeuvering it around the place.


This month we are going to meet the newest person on the block. He is only two weeks old but has already managed to put in two days at work.

Lachlan Charles is the big boss’ 1st great grandchild and the way time flies we will have him driving a truck before too long.

I think the big boss and the boss are both pretty chuffed with the new family member. We congratulate his mum and dad, Bec and Mick, on his arrival. The big boss and bubba!

The big boss and bubba!


With so much happening in all the depots, it is hard to know where to start. Just keep up the goodwork and enjoy your downtime when you get it. The Christmas craziness will be on us before we know it!


Ron Binns, Richard Cant, Sherian McShane, Phil Whiting and Emma Lansky

Happy birthday guys and girls!