January – February News 2014


As I sit here writing this, I keep thinking to myself:- “it can’t possibly be February already, can it?” Well it is and what a frightening thought. We are already in to the 2nd month of 2014.

The boss and I had holidays in January, hence the lack of a newsletter, so we have a little catching up to do. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and for those of you with kids, I hope that their return to school all went without a hitch.

My trusty summer sport’s reporters, Anne and Arun tell me that Australia won 12 of their 13 cricket games against the tourists. Not a bad effort all round.

So if it’s February, we must be getting closer to football season. Woo hoo – can’t wait. Cold weather, pies and footy, does it get any better.


December saw us missing Brad, our yard foreman. That meant that the boss spent a month in the yard, packing containers and looking after the day to day logistics of keeping the freight moving. I think he enjoyed it and it gave him some insight into different ways of dealing with some of the freight.

We had an extremely busy month and between Sydney and Melbourne we kept the guys in Tassie busy right up to Christmas Eve. At one point the guys in Launceston sent me a photo of the shed and asked us not to send anymore freight as they had run out of room!

January was a little quieter – a couple of our major customers took a little down time. It is nice to give everyone a little breathing space. Things are starting to ramp up again. Can’t stand to see them all standing around – makes the place untidy!

Steve is off on holidays for all of February, so that will keep the semi drivers a little busier.



Lindsay is our reporter this month with all the news from our southern most depot.

The guys and girls were very busy coming up to Christmas, but things have slowed a little and even The Reject Shop have managed to clear some old stock.

Anna is finishing up at the end of the month to prepare for the arrival of bubs. Lindsay and Waddy are looking for a replacement to fill in while Anna takes maternity leave. Hopefully they will find someone soon.

Pom looks like having his knee operation sometime next month, so he will be out of action for a while. Peace & quiet.

Sherian is now permanent – welcome aboard fulltime Sherian. Hope it goes well for you.

Clint had a couple of weeks off over Christmas to help his partner out with the kids. They are expecting another one about the same time as Anna……Clint might need some time off!

In their spare time the boys have started to sand back the old forklift so that she can get painted. With a new motor, which is running well, and a paint job, she will look and sound fantastic.



Waddy, Tony and the boys all enjoyed a magical mystery bus tour for their Christmas party this year. They all contributed some funds on a weekly basis and hired themselves a bus so no one had to drive. I could print the photo of them on the bus, but let me tell you none of them look real crash hot. I believe there were a few sore heads the next day.

It was been a little quieter in Launceston through January, which is nice for the guys. It allows them a little down time to catch up, clean up and service the fleet.

Goose and Tony both had all of January off on leave. I am told that they coth came back to work sunburnt. A little birdie told me that Tony needs some new uniforms as his shrunk while he was off!


Loving the hat Tony…… nice to see you are sun safe now you’re back at work. Mick is off on holidays now and I think Waddy is a bit worried about whether he will be back as he keeps retiring and then coming back. More starts than Pharlap I believe.



(Me)Hi Ken, can I have some news………

(Ken)……..can I get back to you in 15 minutes. Guess what he almost did. Except he got Jenny to do it for him! Cheat

Ken is going on three weeks holiday from tonight. I expect that it is well earned and we hope he enjoys his down time.

So the news from the rest of the staff is that they reckon the stirring levels will drop well below normal for the next three weeks. They also believe they will have three weeks peace and quiet. Bad news guys, you’ll have Waddy for two weeks and the boss and I for one!

Brian is off at the moment and Ken has had to employ a new forklift driver. Welcome Peter, hope you enjoy the place.

The weather in Melbourne has been exceptionally hot, but the boys have managed to keep churning out the boxes. The shipping companies have had a few days where they have sailed early because of the hot weather. Keeps things interesting.

Congratulations to Joe, who is celebrating his 24th wedding anniversary. Your wife needs a medal mate.



This month I thought that I would do something different.

As you know each month we profile an employee so that you all get to know each other. Well we have had a few new starters in the past couple of months and some of them may not know the boss, so for this month you get to meet the man who has the reins.

Born:   Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Status:  married 27 years to me – poor bugger (him not me)

Kids:    daughter Bec and son Richard 

Commenced: being doing this on and off since I was 14 and dad made us wash and service the trucks and move them around the yard on weekends. 

Hobbies:  Vintage trucks, photography and music and reading

Favourite food:  a good steak

Music: Pink Floyd, Eagles and a bit of country and western. Lots of things actually

Favourite movie: anything by Richard Curtis

The reasons I come to work: Janelle makes me!




It was nice to get away for a month knowing that the wheels would keep turning. A huge thank you to all for your efforts in allowing this to happen.

January has seen strong trade continue with restocking after the Christmas rush. In anticipation of a busy year we have begun investing in some newer equipment. This could see different equipment in all branches.




Tony Black, Jim Giotakis and Dale Colgrave