December 2013 News


So, if we thought that October finished well, November takes the cake I think. What a busy month for all branches. With Christmas just around the corner things aren’t going to get much quieter for a week or two.

There should be a few Christmas parties coming up. I know that Melbourne got in early and have celebrated theirs already, but more about that later…….

So a quick update on the cricket…………..

I know that we won the first test at the Gabba and Anne and Arun tell me that we are likely to win the second which starts today in Adelaide.

They also tell me that Australia won the World Cup in the football on the weekend, beating New Zealand. Anne actually says we flogged them!


December has started with a big push. We have been extremely busy and it is made worse by the fact that we have a few too many off on leave.

Both Brad and Richard are off on their USA jaunts and Ash is well and truly into his Canadian holiday. Nathan, who started with us last month, has well and truly had an introduction into the yard at its busiest period.

We have also welcomed Mark back to help out between now and Christmas.

The air conditioners have also been coming in at a great rate of knots. It never rains but it pours as they say. The semi drivers all worked last weekend running boxes between the wharf and the yard and Steve had a scenic trip to Canberra.


Anna is back on the case this month with the news from Hobart.

Apparently summer has arrived in the Tasmanian capitol, but it only comes one day at a time. It goes back to being cold every second day.

Clint and his partner, who are expecting, have found out that they are having a boy. Anna has found out that she is also having a boy. I believe all parties are quite excited.

The guys in Hobart are like everyone else and very busy. Brent has left us and at the moment he hasn’t been replaced. Aaron is learning the ropes as a delivery driver and they tell me he is doing a good job.

Anna tells me that the boys are having fun stirring her about the size of her belly. They walk yards out of their way to get around her, just to stir her up. They tell her she has to stop eating. As she says – at least she has an excuse – what’s theirs!

I am also hearing some story about Sherian driving the wrong truck…….maybe I better not ask!


I’ll have to pick on the guys in Launceston this month…….no news other than the fact that Mark Tatnell is back at work after a month’s holidays. Mark was on leave as he and his wife Teresa have added to their brood. Congratulations on the birth of Chloe, sister to three boys. I am sure Teresa and Mark will spoil their little girl.

Waddy tells me that we are paying the staff too much as Bobby in Hobart and Mark Farmer in Launceston have both bought new cars – BMW’s no less.

As usual the guys down there are working flat strap. They have had a few off on holidays and also some off sick.

The boys are looking forward to their Christmas party which is coming up on the 21st December. The boys contribute to a fund all year and they have hired a party bus to take them to the venue.

This is a fantastic idea as it saves anyone driving drunk and let’s face it, Launceston is such a small place that it can drop them all back in the centre of town and they can walk home!

John and Tony are off to the Searoad’s Christmas function tonight. They reckon they might be lucky to get there and not fall asleep in their dinner.

We hope they get some respite after Christmas!


Once again I asked Ken for some news, and this month he pensioned it off to Jenny! At least Jenny gave me some news.

The folk in Melbourne had their Christmas party last Sunday at the Deer Park Bowling Club. A spot of bare foot bowling was the order of the day. I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a lot of cheating, stirring and general rowdiness during the games.

So I believe that some prizes were awarded. Joe and Wayne won Scotch glasses, John’s daughter Maddy won some chocolate, Garry’s wife Kerry won a picnic rug and Ken won some coasters.  I think he should have lost them for cheating!

By all accounts a good time was had by all and a big thank you was sent to Ray for a great night out.

For those of you who don’t know this bunch of reprobates back row L – R

Garry, Cameron, Jenny & Wayne

Front row L – R

Brian, Joe, Ken, guy from the bowling club, Dave and John. Thank you to Dave’s wife Jenni for taking the photos.

By all accounts Melbourne are busy and have had probably their biggest month ever in November. I am sure they are all looking forward to a break.


So this month I thought I had better introduce you to the real Wally, eh ah I mean Waddy. These are his answers – unedited!

John is our Regional Manager looking after Melbourne and Tasmania.

Born:     yes I was

Status: married  37 years  (Not sure how she puts up with him)

Kids:     3 girls 

Worries: only mark Tatnell 

Commenced  -1993 

Hobbies:  fishing camping  and annoying the crap out of  Ken Lindsay and Tony

Favourite food:  seafood and  KFC

Music: Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Steve Forde and not to forget the world’s greatest band  Led Zeppelin

Favourite movie: Kill Bill 1-2-3, Sweet Home Alabama  and Notting Hill

The reasons I come to work: I love the place and the people, so many different personalities and something different everyday! Keeps life interesting.


It is such a busy time of the year that I barely have time to sit at the desk and put pen to paper.

Therefore I will take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for your input into what has been an exceptionally busy year.

May you and your families have a fantastic Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year and 2014.


Happy birthday to you…….

Bobby Narracott, Anne Hampson and me!