August – October News 2014


It is hard to believe that three months have zipped by since I wrote our last newsletter. In that time the footy comps have been finalised, the winners have been paid out and probably spent their money by now.

Tony Black won our AFL competition with Louise (wife of our yard foreman in Sydney) snapping at his heels the whole season. Third place was taken by Mark Aitken and the boss got the wooden spoon.

The NRL competition was a hard fought competition with only a handful of point separating the top contenders. It was taken out by Sydney’s Jim Giotakis and believe it or not, coming in 2 points behind him – Louise again! Let’s hear it for the girls. Third place was a tie between Michael Taylor and Jay Butterworth with Nathan Scott taking out the wooden spoon.

Prize money in each competition ran around the $300 mark, so well worth the effort of participating. Let’s hope we can run with it again next year. It would be nice if we could have a few more participants so we can up the prize money.


August and September were quiet months in Sydney. October has amped up a little with the Tasmanian work and our sideline in air conditioning containers has certainly hit its straps. The way it is looking at the moment, we will soon need elastic walls to fit all the stock into the shed.

Late October has seen Eric move into the hot seat. Jim has been away for a bit whilst having his treatment. Last week saw him finally have his operation and by all accounts it seems to have gone well and he is back on the main ward rather than in ICU. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he continues to make good progress.

Mid September saw Arun head off to India due to family commitments. He will be gone for around 10 weeks and this means that I am sitting in Arun’s chair until Christmas. So, the moral there is don’t upset me or you won’t get paid.

October sees Jose back at work after a three month hiatus. We hope that he is nice and rested as we will keep him well and truly busy coming up to Christmas.

The guys in the yard have had a big tidy up while we have been quiet. Hopefully that will put us in good stead for the next 6 weeks.

Oooh and I almost forgot – the factory across the road burnt down a couple of weeks back. A very exciting Friday arvo! We couldn’t get in or out of the yard. Fire hoses and trucks everywhere.


News this time round comes courtesy of Lindsay as Emma is having some down time.

The guys in Hobart all know that Christmas is on the way as the work is picking up quite nicely.

Emma is busy sunning herself on the Gold Coast and Lindsay is sitting in her chair (he’s wearing the skirt for the week), but he has been told he is not to wear her ugg boots. Emma is back now and tells me she doesn’t have a tan as she is too pale to lay out in the sun.

Bobby has been multitasking and driving both a rigid and a semi these past few weeks. The guys all reckon it must be doing him some good as it is like having a new employee in the yard.

Pom has been doing some yard work and Lindsay thinks he must be missing his regular customers. He keeps asking if he can ring them and book in the freight deliveries.

Bill is busy getting everything serviced and up to speed for the coming months. At the moment he is repairing a set of gates for the large rigid. This statement was followed by some remarks about guide dogs and Sherian needing glasses. Not sure that I should go near that one as it may lead to a black eye for Lindsay.

Everyone in Hobart thinks that spring has given them a miss this year. Here we are in the first week of November and there is still snow on Mount Wellington. They tell me the mornings are cold, but the days are lovely. No wonder Emma keeps her ugg’s at work.


Trying to pin these guys down for news at the moment is like trying to win Lotto. Waddy has given me a little info so I will roll with it as given.

Waddy and Mark Tatnell have both had a month off. They were closely followed by Tony and Michael Taylor.

Waddy has managed to organise a combined Christmas dinner this year for the guys in Hobart and Launceston. Hobart staff are going to travel north this year next year the Launceston guys will head south. This is a fabulous idea and let’s hope it starts a new tradition.

Georgia is getting used to working with a whole bunch of blokes and by all accounts I believe it has been a bit of an experience for her. Let’s hope they haven’t been giving her too much of a hard time.

So, Tony sent Mick to St Helen’s yesterday and unfortunately his truck broke down – apparently in front of the best hotel in St Helen’s. Rumour has it that he carried it the last two kilometres as it resulted in an overnight stay! Lucky for some………

The shed renovations are well and truly on the way and the guys are running two shifts so as to try and stay out of the way of the builders. They’ll be pleased when it is all done.


Last time we visited Melbourne they had just had their new concrete laid in the yard. Well I can report first hand that I have been there and seen it and it certainly makes a difference to the dust and the yard now looks much tidier.

Daryl is having some well earned long service leave and is off in Tonga visiting with his extended family. We hope he is having a fantastic time and comes back well rested.

Erin is excited as Ken is finally letting her get out and about in the tray truck. She has now done a couple of runs to both Airport West and Derrimut. I think she enjoys going out even if Ken does groan internally each time he sends her – Lol! Think it has become a bit of a game.

Melbourne also has some extra help in the form of Ashley Cant. Ash was working in our Sydney depot when he decided it was time for some leave and he headed off for 9 months trekking around Canada and the US. On his

return, as it is a little quiet in Sydney, we asked if he would work in Melbourne until Christmas. He has taken up the challenge and I am sure it is of benefit to all concerned that he is helping during the busy period. Thanks Ash.

Joe has taken on the role of First Aid and last week passed his certificate with St John’s Ambulance. Congratulations Joe.

Jenny is in the midst of doing the DGL Course online so hopefully soon she will be qualified to handle not only the paperwork side of this but also the enquiries that we get at times. Good luck Jenny


I never like to call this section employee of the month, as I believe it creates issues. This meet the employee section has always been about introducing the staff to one another.

Having said that, this month, things are a little different.

I would like to introduce you to our newest employee on the Sydney payroll.

His name is Dale Harrison and he comes direct to us from deepest darkest Yorkshire – via way of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Intrigued yet – well Dale applied for a casual position of tray truck driver. He had literally just landed in the country on a working visa.

Dale had previously visited Australia playing football whilst he was in the British Armed Forces. Dale has done tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan in his eight years of service, and when his time was up he decided Australia was where he would like to be.

We decided he would probably make a good driver – seeing he is trained in driving tank and armed personnel carriers. It now comes to light that Dale also holds a degree in telecommunications, specialising in radio communications. He will now not only be driving but maintaining and servicing our radios and also assisting with other communications issues that may arise.

So, Dale has been toddling off to all our customers, learning how to get around in the Sydney traffic and basically been doing a fabulous job.

Imagine our delight when we received a phone call from one of our oldest customers informing us that young Dale had been named as “Driver of the Month”. This is a customer who has many drivers on and off their premises on a daily basis and it is quite an honour to be named. Dale is a polite young guy but let me tell you all the older drivers here were quite put out…..they’ve all been going there for years and not a cracker.

Their theory is that Dale has muscles on his muscles and all the despatch girls bat their eyelids at him and swoon. You tell me what you think, but congratulations Dale on a job well done.


As we approach the busiest time of year it is good to bear in mind the old adage of ‘many hands make light work’. Try to bear in mind that all depots and staff are working to capacity and it is best if we can all help each other rather than some of us going off on our own tangents. This does nothing to help and usually hinders operations in general.

Also you all need to be aware of fatigue levels when we are busy and look to managing these in the best way possible. Make sure that you eat well and regularly and also that you drink enough water during the day. Coffee isn’t a long term solution.


Happy birthday for those that I have missed…..hope you had a good one and got lots of presents

Ray Cant, Jose Camacho, Mark Aitken, Brad Hodder, Arun Majumder, Ashley Cant, Jenny Ashton, Marc Farmer, Nathan Scott, Wayne Greenwood, Mick Wheldon, Jordan Griffiths, Gary Elliott, Jay Butterworth, Nathan Bird and Erin Jacka.