April News 2014


Happy Easter to one and all. We hope that you put it in well and all had a relaxing time off. A four day weekend is always lovely and now we all have a three day week and another three day weekend.

The footy tipping is well and truly in full swing and we have already had an outright winner in Last Man Standing for the NRL. The lucky guy was Shaun Oliver in our Launceston depot. Well done mate!

At last check there was basically only a handful of points between first and last place, so keep those tips coming. It’s anyone’s game at the moment.


March was a busier month than February and April is shaping up to be busier again.

The boys in Sydney are busy delivering air conditioners to building sites this month. There have been deliveries to Port Macquarie, Newcastle and also locally at Westfield Miranda. There is a fair amount of building work going on at present and some of the units are also going to a couple of local hospitals that are being refurbished.

Arun is still on leave and so is Jim at the moment. This means that I am still doing the bill paying and the payroll. Eric is sitting in the chair for Jim. At the moment Eric also has an understudy. Richard is having a go at learning the rail and the wharf bookings and also allocating the pick-up runs for the drivers. So far, so good. Well done boys, keep up the good work. It is always good to learn a new skill.

John is still on a cleaning binge – he just loves to throw out rubbish. I reckon that one of these days he is going to chuck me in the bin.

We have both done a bit of travelling again this month, but more about that when we get to the relevant depots……


Lindsay is our man on the job again this month. I will have to start Emma doing a news report so that occasionally we get a girl’s perspective.

We have had two more babies born to the staff in the Hobart depot, so now three in total and all boys. Anna named her boy Beckett. Not sure what Clint and Shaun have called there’s but I am told that Clint’s little bloke is the spitting image of him and that Shaun’s partner never made it to the hospital and had the baby at home! Seriously must be something in the water in Hobart.

Bobby is having three weeks holidays. Lindsay reckoned that Bobby needed to get away from us for a while. Lindsay thinks he might need a holiday when Bobby gets back.

Sherian is now looking after Hobart and Moonah Reject Shops and doing a good job I am told. There is some in joke about her unlatching her tailgate before delivery. C’mon girl, don’t let them pick on you!

The old Clarke fork is looking better than ever. It has now had a coat of primer ready for a new top coat.

The depot has had a visit from both John’s this month. John, the big boss has been twice and Waddy has visited once. Rumour has it that Waddy only went to Hobart because Sexpo was on……..more on that after I have spoken to his missus.


I am quite surprised that the boys in Launceston are a bit short on news this month. Anyone would think that they were busy!

Tony is having a well earned ten days off. He is travelling around the state in a camper van but apparently Fleur isn’t too keen on this mode of holiday transport.

Yard in joke I think – how do you get a truck stuck on the bitumen in the main street of Launceston – apparently you ask Marc Farmer, he’s giving lessons.

There is another Reject Shop opening next month in Port Sorrell. This will keep the boys busy along with the new Bunning’s stores that are opening in Launceston and Devonport.

Nobody in the yard in Launceston can understand the NRL and reckon do they really get paid to play this game!

Everyone had a good Easter and they are all back at work and firing on all cylinders.

Well maybe some more than others………


Once again I have no news from Ken. I sometimes wonder if he avoids me on purpose.

This month I have the jump on him as I have some news myself having spent a few days there this month.

The flu has raged through the depot starting with Ken and leaving a trail of destruction behind it. They have been going down like nine pins, so I hope that the germs all stay south of the border.

We took Tony from Launceston across to Melbourne for a couple of days. This was an exercise in checking on OH&S issues and also fine tuning some container packing.

John did a little more tidying while we were there before he left for trip number one to Hobart, leaving Tony and myself to work with Ken, Joe, Jenny and Cameron.

The yard has had a bit of a makeover. The rear section behind the shed has been covered with a layer of bitumen and also at the same time the car park has been sealed. This must help with the dust factor, so hopefully it will be a little easier on the guys now.

On trip number two I had my first trip into the Toll wharf in a B double (with my son driving!). It is nice to go to these places and see what our drivers are put through when they deliver our containers for shipment to Tasmania.

Westgate Bridge on a Friday afternoon.


Working on the theory that you meet all the blokes that run the branches, this month we are meeting Lindsay from Hobart.

Born: 29/05/1986

Status: Married

Kids: only one so far Frank

Commenced: September 2004

Hobbies: cray fishing, wood cutting and kids games LOL

Favourite food: can’t beat a good chicken schnitzel or steak

Favourite Music: Toby Keith, Wolf Brothers

Favourite Movie: Black Dog

I come to work because: I like the people that I work with and I like the work in general. Plus Waddy needs a friend!



Above are some very true words of wisdom. At times we are all guilty of some of the above. We need to remember in life to makes positive choices and take ownership of the things that are important.

There are many lessons in the above that we can apply to the workplace in our day to day tasks. Always remember that it is easier to honest and open. Admit to a problem, mistake or issue and the job becomes simpler for all concerned.

Keep up the good work, but remember in keeping up the good work make sure that you are doing the job to hand in the best manner possible


As I am running very late with this newsletter, here’s hoping that the following people all had great birthdays.

Ken Reardon, Darren Calderon,

Mark Tatnell, Clint Pearce, Peter Harris and Cameron Ballato